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I am in the process of developing a new exhibit.  The working title is "The Liberation of Yugoslavia".  I have identified a number of instances where additional material is needed (and in some cases desperately needed).

The current draft has 9 frames with the following plan: 


      Regional Issues


Wartime Issues

  6. Senta (Zenta) (7 pages)

DFJ Issues

1. Government-in-Exile (3 pages)

  7. Cetinje (6 pages)

16. Beograd (Belgrade) (9 pages)

2. Partisan Issues (3 pages)

  8. Split (Spalato) (9 pages)

17. Federal Issues (16 pages)


  9. Mostar (9 pages)

Postal History

10. Ljubljana (Laibach) (5 pages)

Istria & the Slovene Coast

3. Military Mail (12 pages)

11. Maribor (Marburg) (3 pages)

18. Trst (Trieste) (5 pages)

4. Cash Franking (8 pages)

12. Murska Sobota (Muraszombat) (2 pages)

19. Pula (Pola) (3 pages)

5. Courier & Official Mail (5 pages)

13. Zagreb (8 pages)

20. Rijeka (Fiume) (8 pages)


14. Sarajevo (4 pages)

21. General Issues (16 pages)


15. Banja Luka (1 page)


The exhibit can now be seen on my web site: The Liberation of Yugoslavia

The following is my want list of (mostly) cataloged varieties.  Of course, there are many uncataloged varieties that would also be very useful.  And one can never have too many covers!

(Items prefixed with * are especially wanted)

Government-in Exile

25th Anniversary issue - 1, 3 and 10 Din. Waterlow Specimens

Partisan Issues

I have "Ravna Gora" and Lovcen complete. From Berane I have the Kun stamp and some (but not all) of the Large Star and Small Star overprints.  What else is there?

Regional Issues

Perforation varieties of Croatian stamps: see the items in red at <http://www.jaypex.com/Yugo/perfs.htm>.

* Postal card Michel P90/SF DK96, 10K/1D small portrait (mint and/or used)
Postal card Michel P92/SF DK98, 10K/2K, Type I (16.5 mm star)

* 40K/1K on offset paper
* 50K/7K on offset paper
50K/6K inverted overprint
20K/2K postal tax, double overprint
* Covers !
* Postal card Michel P88/SF DK99 (used)

5L Inverted overprint

Double overprints: 8, 12, 25, 30, 42, 50 Pf.

Murska Sobota
1f inverted overprint

Postage dues on Yellow Paper (40K/2.50K, 200K/6K) and Porous Paper (60K/1K)

(Uncataloged) varieties needed to fill out a page. 
So far I have a shifted overprint (2D/2K) and two offsets (2D/1K and 12D/5K postal tax).

Federal Issues

Covers with Tito stamps (Michel 454-57) used prior to May 14, 1945 (Currency Reform)

Istria & the Slovene Coast

Trst (Trieste)
Double overprints: +L2/1.25L (Mi. 21), L5+5/1L (Mi. 24) 
Pairs with & without overprint
Other varieties (I have L /50c (missing 1)
* Covers !

Pula (Pola)
Inverted overprints: 10c/5c (Mi. Ia), 1.50/75c (Mi. Ig)
Pairs with & without overprint
2L/1L wmk., without ISTRA

Rijeka (Fiume)
10L/25c pair, one w/o overprint

Postage Due
Many of the Michel and CEI-listed minor varieties would also be useful.


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