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This web site was initially created on August 15, 2003 with listings for 3 Polish DP Camps (Dachau, Ettlingen and Freiman).  My plans are to finish the Polish camps, then move on to the Baltic camps.  I will eventually get around to the Russian and Ukrainian camps, but this will take awhile. In the meantime, I recommend the following resources:

  1. My on-line exhibit of Russian DP Camps at <>.

  2. "Ukrainian DP Camp, POW Camp, Government in Exile and National Council Issues" (Second Edition) by Borys Fessak, published by the Ukrainian Philatelic and Numismatic Society (2003) and available for $15 plus shipping ($2 US,$3 Canada, $4 elsewhere) from UPNS, P.O. Box 3, Springfield, VA 22150.  See <>.

Index of DP Camps

Baltic Camps

Polish Camps

Russian Camps

Ukrainian Camps

AU Augsburg (Lith.)

BT Barletta & Trani (Italy)

FE Feldmoching

BY Bayreuth

AH Augsburg-Hochfeld

BV Bavaria

MO Mönchehof

DI Dillingen

DE Detmold (Lith.)

DA Dachau

MU München

MI Mittenwald

GE Geisslingen (Est.)

ET Ettlingen

BI Bad Ischl (Austria)

NE Neu-Ulm

H1 Hanau (Est. & Lat.) FR Freiman

TR Trieste (Italy)

RE Regensburg

H2 Hanau (Lith.) HK Haffkrug


RI Rimini (Italy, POW)

KE Kempten (Est.)

HN Hannover


UD Ulm/Donau

MB Meerbeck (Lith.)

HB Hellbrunn (Austria)


UC Charity Issues

SC Schongau

HE Helmstedt


UR RADA Issues

SE Seedorf complex (Lith.)

LU Lübeck


US Scout Issues


ME Menden



PH Postal History PH Postal History    
Only a handful of Displaced Persons Camps are known to philatelists, but there were hundreds of camps scattered across Germany, Austria, Italy and even Yugoslavia.  The majority of camps were located in the American and British occupation zones of Germany.

Most camps left little in the way of a philatelic legacy. However, mail to and from camp residents is highly prized by specialist collectors.

A few camps used special cancellations such as the one shown here .  I am not going to attempt to list such items.

DPAC* 1217 in Wentorf (British Zone)


* - DPAC = Displaced Persons Assembly Center

Map from: DPs, Europe's Displaced Persons, 1945-1951 by Mark Wyman

There is also a numismatic aspect to DP Camp collecting, as some camps issued their own money:

Bilingual 10 cent banknote from Scheinfeld DP Camp (US Zone of Germany)

Finally, it should be noted that there was one more class of Displaced Persons - ethnic Germans who fled or were forcibly expelled from countries such as Czechoslovakia, Poland and the Soviet Union.  To raise funds for these refugees, the German post office was permitted to issue and sell charity labels.  I have no information as to what other denominations may exist.


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